Megan. 23. Go Gators.
Pink Voltage & pixie dust run through my veins.
I studied abroad in Beijing during summer 2011!
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London is awesomesauce. I wish we didn’t have to leave. Like ever.

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pizza is the only love triangle i want


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Honey badger groovin. [video]

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How convenient that JK Rowling made Tom Marvolo Riddle equal I Am Lord Voldemort when it’s obviously supposed to be Mr. Tom, A Dildo Lover.

I’m 100% sure it was just George


First of all fuck you

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Snippets from Tim Tebow’s #NoContract T-Mobile Commercials! (x)

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Artist: Imogen Heap
Track: Run Time
Album: Run Time - Single
Plays: 855

Run-Time - Imogen Heap

You know we’ve had it good, we’ve had it bad
So no hard feelings
We’ve done all we could and all we can
I’m done pretending
So let’s quit while we’re still friends